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I’ve been putting off writing this entry for quite a while now, but, I think the time has come. In early July, Mango was hit and killed by a car in front of Rust Op Twist. It was the second time my mother has been the first to see a family cat along side the road, and the second time she has rushed out as I scrambled for my shoes (to avoid the inevitable). We buried Mango on the beach side of the house, and, appropriately, planted a mango tree to mark her burial spot. The mango tree is doing well, and should bare (bear?) fruit as soon as next year.

Dsc 0099Following Mango’s death, Tigger appeared quite depressed, not his usual bouncy self. So… I decided to treat loss with distraction, and brought home a kitten from the shelter. I named her Mocko, as in Mocko Jumbie. The name means “protector.” She was just a little squirt when I got her, and she really hasn’t grown much. Tigger out-weighs her at least two-to-one, but that doesn’t stop the two from wrassling and racing around the house like a herd of elephants. Crazy beasts. Tigger seems to have taken to Mocko and visa versa. The two are usually not far apart. Mocko is a little snugglepuss, she likes to cuddle up in bed and is slowly training Tiggs to do the same. And she is on her way to becoming a well-seasoned flopper — she falls at my feet, often on my feet, multiple times a day. sudden bouts of weakness, only treatable with belly rubs. she has me well trained.

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