New Years Resolution

Hrm… I think this might quite possibly be one of the most unoriginal blog topics ever. And now to continue with some astoundingly unoriginal content…

  1. I will get my blog up and running, and POST to it at least three times a week
  2. I shall not let my development server go to the dogs
  3. Beach visits, once a week, minimum.
  4. Start snorkeling off the house
  5. Work solidly 9-5, and then STOP.
  6. do yoga.
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Theme Hell

I’m not a big fan of this theme, but I can’t settle on anything I like better at the moment… I’m almost considering trying my hand at a custom theme. I need either excellent colors/textures/type OR a really strong header graphic with a clean layout. I don’t know if I can pull it off. I may just end up hacking at this theme.

Arrangement of author/date on posts
side bar “about”
scale/font of text

hash grey diagonal lines everywhere
capital letters on sidebar headings
orange/red links gotta go
search? i don’t need that

so… we’ll see. seems like there are more cons than pros :/

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Down Island…

Posting from St. Somewhere… actually just checking out a new authoring tool, then I’m off to make dinner.

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A fresh start

Hello folks… redesigning the site again, stay tuned for news

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