Plugins I use

Just a list of plugins I use…

Akismet… Need I say more?

All In One SEO Package – I’m not an SEO expert, so I can only tell you what you can already read for yourself. Highly rated plugin, optimizes WP for search engines.

Contact Form 7 – I’ve written/modded more mailto scripts in my career than I care to think about, no less quantify. This little plugin does a brilliant job of handling all kinds of simple user feedback forms which you can place anywhere in your blog using shortcodes or template tags.

Different Posts Per Page – My home page listed 10+ posts at a time, which made it slow loading AND it clearly highlighted how infrequently I update my blog. total fail. So this plugin lets you control the number of posts shown on the home or various category pages. BUT, if you use this you have to deal with the initial registration/ads/selling crap routine. The developer uses the plugin to try to sell you his miracle SEO “make thousands off your blog” package. annoying. But the alternative is customizing the loop code in all of your templates.

Download Counter – I use this plugin to run download counters on any files I distribute (such as my Find Low Resolution Album Art iTunes AppleScript). It works like a champ, easy to configure. Love it.

Dunstan’s Time of Day – this plugin powers the “humanized dates” that you see on my posts, like “evening time on Jan 7th, ’07”

Fuzzy Recent Posts – I picked this plugin so long ago that I can’t even tell you why it was the best, but, it currently powers the “recent posts” listing in my side bar. no complaints!

IM Online – this is a nifty one, uses to display your status for AOL IM, YIM, MSN, Jabber, and ICQ (why do I even keep my icq account? I have no idea).

Landing Sites – If you arrived at my blog from google, you likely observed this plugin in action. It adds a little notice to the top of the blog saying “Oh by the way, it looks like you got here by searching for XYZ. All instances of XYZ are highlighted in the content below.” Nifty eh?

NextGEN Gallery – this is the most rocking gallery plugin for WordPress, period. beats the others by miles.

Ozh’ Admin Drop Down Menu – regardless of your WordPress version, this is a MUST HAVE plugin. converts the existing Admin navigation to simple one-click dropdown menus. Saves gobs of time waiting for page reloads, and takes up Way less space that the 2.7 clunky side menu.

Plugin Info – An essential for plugin developers – this plug displays live stats from your WordPress-hosted plugin directly in your own blog, so you don’t need to update the entry every single time you update your plug. Many other uses as well, but, that’s what I use it for.

Profile Pic – Of course, I use my own plugin… duh.

Sociable – automagically adds links for digg/technorati/etc to the bottom of every post. Handy. And I kinda like the big line of link buttons better than the single share popup. *shrug*

So, that’s it for now. Pretty simple.

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