Patrick (a family friend) and his buddy Kennith came to spend a week on island. Below are a sampling of pics.

Dsc 0012

We rented a bobcat to do some stump removals. Patrick knows how to operate heavy equipment, so we thought we would take advantage…

Dsc 0018-1

I had my fun with the bobcat too. I’m filling in the hole post-olive-tree-removal. This is also post-DPNR ‘smack down’ where we got in trouble for moving some beach rocks without a permit. Crap. Potentially big fine. They had police men with guns and everything. pretty exciting…

Dsc 0021

For our rain-forest adventure, we took the windows off the jeep, safari style. Here’s Patrick posing as a tourist.

Dsc 0033

Then we paid a visit to the turtles up in the rain forest.

Dsc 0037

Happy turtles indeed.

Dsc 0066

Herds of them, in fact. Here they are stampeding.


3 Responses to “Visitors”

  1. obetz says:

    Happy turtles,,I like this picture,,Its seems you have a great weekend in island LoL…

  2. Judy Neuhauser says:


    I got to thinking about you, so googled you and this is what I found! Where in the world ARE you! You do get around! I’m finishing my 5th year teaching 6th grade in Spanish at the dual immersion school – a bit burned out and ready to teach in my own language for a while. Hopefully 3rd grade in English next year. Diana Barnhart still shows the video with you on it in her classes – she’s retiring this year so she can travel – has plans for Guatemala, Morrocco and that is just by the end of october.

    I REALLY hope you you are doing well – you look great in the pictures.

    I miss seeing you and you continue to be one of my inspirations!

    Love, Judy

  3. RM Stock says:

    lol @ “Happy turtles indeed”
    Happy enough to pose for a close up I guess!

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